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Dec 14 2011

Be surprised

Dear friends,

It’s hard to explain how it is I ended up all the way up here in the Appalachian Mountains. This is probably a universal sentiment among most CMs, but I still feel like an anomaly. First of all, what am I doing so far inland? I’ve moved around quite a bit, but I’ve always been able to see an ocean out of the windows of my house. ALWAYS. Now I am landlocked surrounded by mountains. I thought that they would make me feel trapped, but I think they make me feel more free. They remind me of how small I am, and how amazing and awful the world is. It reminds me that this part of my life is not really about me. And this blog could be about me, but it won’t be. It’s about my kids. The kids are amazing. They are honest. They are brave. They are loving. They are trusting. They are hardworking. If there is anything I want the world to know about, it’s my kids.

I used to have a really negative attitude about people, and how all people were selfish and will always disappoint you. My kids proved to me that’s not true. People surprise you every day.

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  1. simplewords

    Hey… I think I know you :) And I think I could’ve written part of it… hills are beautiful.

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